Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Welcome back

Hello Oak, welcome back after the summer...we're going to create a new blog very soon....look out for it!!!

Friday, 21 June 2013

a golden creacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Look at that golden creature," stared Lucy,"What is it?"
"I don't know,"replied Ella.
"Shill we go and ask it?"questioned Lucy.
"OK!.....lets run"called Ella!
"Hi,my name is Lucy....whats yours!?
"I don't havvvvvvve one" The monster said shyly.
"you poor thing, come with us!"
By Lucy

midnight stoll

Me and my friend Sam were taking a midnight stroll .Sam whispered "I don't feel right"
"where is your sence of adventurer " I replied. Suddenly we fell down a deep,deep hole coverd in sticicts.About ten seconds later a mysrerios creater  aperd  over the hole.  By max

the Monster of terror and shrieks

"This is spooky"whispered Lily.                                                                                                 "It is".I replied. "listen footsteps."                                                                                                                   Lily and I froze."Aghrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"Lily shrieked.                                                                       "A thing" I screamed."My my my  name name is Mallificent."                               The silvery ladies voice bounced off the walls.Her fiery hair  bounced up and down as she shouted."u oh"I mumbled...
By Ellie May 

The strange adventure in the wood

Yesterday me and my friend Lydia and I were out walking in the woods when we saw a strange looking 
creature."Hello,"I whispered so quietly that nobody could hear me, not even Lydia who was only a few centimeters away from me."And whats your name?" asked the strange looking creature(who we found his name was Bramble Berry.)
 "M m my name is A A Abi"I mumbled.
"And my name is Lydia!" shouted Lydia butting in and talking to fast.
"What are you doing so deep in the wood?"wondered the creature.
"Well...hey hang on 

whats behind the door ?

"Hey look over there at that door" said Sally.

"should we open it?" Beth asked.

"ye" replied Sally.

"whose going to open the door?"asked Beth.

"I..... will" replied Sally . Creek creek the door went.

"AH .......Theirs a monster ..... run.

"Wait .....it looks sad should we stay here and comfit it" Beth said   


The Stick Man Mystery

The door creaked open to a Stick man with moss for hair."Who are you?"Asked Mulberry Blue.
"I am Canondoma,King of the forest!!!"Answered Conondoma.
                                         By Lydia